WordPress VS SiteRubix – How To Fast Track and Beat Your Competitors (4/6)

WordPress – Why you need a website and how to build one?

In order for you to have opportunity to make a comission. You need a place to post your thoughts and reviews. One of the most popular platforms for that is WordPress, and SiteRubix makes it even better for you to start with WordPress.

WordPress allows you to build a blog, a business website, estore, etc. There are many ways and types for you to build your online presence. What I mostly recommend is starting with a blog. Because blog focuses more on the value.

Why I recommend SiteRubix is because it comes with Wealthy Affiliate. And Wealthy Affiliate teaches you exactly how to go from zero to having your own website up and running.

Wealthy Affiliate – With 12 years of experience Coaching Platfrom that teaches how to choose an interest, how to build website around it, how to find products to promote and how to make sales with your website.

In my experience! I have build a website on my own and with Wealthy affiliate. I made many many mistakes without Wealthy Affiliate that cost me money! Wealthy Affiliate keeps you focused on your goal.
Wealthy Affiliate has:

  • 5 + 7 LEVELs of coaching (12 LEVELS)
  • Every LEVEL has 10 Lessons with tasks. (120 LESSONS)

If you have finished all the lessons and tasks.. your will have a good looking website with some content on it! You would be suprised what you are capable of. I have seen people with little computer knowledge running their own website and making sales. Focus is the key!

Building you website part has so many technical aspects that it`s really so much more simple to just to as Wealthy Affiliate teaches. They have a LEVEL 1 for FREE and other 4 LEVELs come with a PREMIUM($49/month).

You can build 2 free websites with FREE Wealthy Affiliate membership.

But in my experience.. if you don’t have $49/month for your business.. please don’t start with your own business.. atleast not yet! Go and make some more money.. so you are able to invest in yourself and into the tools you need.. To help you beat your competition.

It`s really important where do you build your website on. Some people make their own blogs on other free platforms. What they don’t know is that there are security problems.

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