Why You Need A Business

Why You Need A Business?? = Short answer -> TO GET RICH!

But seriously! It is actually hard to get rich without a business. I remember the time when I registered my business. My mindset changed. I made money before that in sales and in network marketing, but when I registered my own business, something in my mind clicked.

I remember Grant Cardone saying it many times that “To get rich you need a business” I trust Grant Cardone, but I don’t know why it didn’t clicked. Because when I had finished with registration and I was a business owner I felt responsibility. I felt that I need to get this thing off the ground. I wanted to build it up. What ever it takes.

Business is a money machine

Let’s be honest! Business is a money machine. Your business has to make money in order to change the world, help more people and offer the best experience to your customers(people). And if today you don’t have any business at all.. You have to start NOW! Don’t quit your job, just start with something that focuses on selling! There is plenty of options: network marketing, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, etc.

You need a business to make more money. You can’t scale yourself, but you can scale your business. Start building something scalable and if you can, scale it.

Today we have opportunity to reach people with internet and at the same time we have different tools that can work for you when you are working on something else. So we can say that scaling is very simple these days. Use the opportunity.

You can change that sentence yourself:”If I would have more money then I would….”

You don’t need to think about if you need to be in business. There are more reasons that you would ever believe possible. Just start!

Consumer vs Business Owner

Now.. I know that there are also those guys who are in business, but don’t own their own business. You need to register yourself a business and here’s why.

The Biggest change was in my mindset. For a long time I thought I am a business man.. I actually was a consumer. And NOW I am a business man! Because finally I have something that belongs to me. Not to someone else. There is nothing bad working for someone else, but you have to own your own business. Really! If you are making 2k-s a month and you don’t have a business and you are just a salesman or network marketer… it’s very likely that you are a consumer. You have no place to but that money, other than into stores. Having a business account.. In my experience, it shows that you are taking your project more seriously.

If it feels complicated then I understand.. Because there is a reason for that. You are not a business owner. There is more complicated things than that, And as a business owner.. You have to handle these things. It just shows that you don’t want to be responsible! But you have to! Believe me. It changes your mindset – for better!

I wish you the best in your business!

If you actually did what I just asked you to do.. then feel free to leave your experience into the comments section!

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