Why I Use Wealthy Affiliate – Deep Review

Hey Guys!

Today we are talking about Wealthy Affiliate and why I use it!

I am going to talk about:

  • What is Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Why I need Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Wealthy affiliate products? What are they?
  • Do you need Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Conclusion

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

wealthy Affiliate is platform that includes educational materials regarding oline marketing(affiliate marketing) and it also gives us technical tools. For me it`s RTM! Ready To Market. If you go through the training you will be ready to start to market your own product or someone else’s product for affiliate commission.
Wealthy Affiliate is all in one marketing platfrom!

Why I need Wealthy Affiliate?

I need wealthy affiliate because it educates me. There is very thorough coaching program that teaches me about online marketing. A little more than basics.

Main points for Wealthy Affiliate:

  • 5 LEVELS of training(about online marketing)
  • 7 LEVELS of training (about online marketing in niche “how to make money online”)
  • Community inside Wealthy Affiliate
  • Hosting platform
  • Protects my site from spams
  • Speeds up my site
  • HTTPS -> SSL Security
  • Keyword research tool. (If you are a marketer you need a keyword research tool. Google Adwords dosen’t show all the information we need)
  • Live webinars
  • Content writing tool. (very useful if your english isn’t your first language)
  • You can ask feedback and comments for your site from members
  • You will have a technical support who will help you if something is not working with your site. (But the education is so good that you will probably just avoid all the problems.)

Wealthy Affiliate products

Wealthy affiliate is a platfrom and for that reason they have memberships.

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 membership choices:

  1. Starter Member $0/month
  2. Premium Member $49/month

You can also pay for the full year and it will save you a decent amount of money!

For $49/month you will get everything WA offers. There will be NO UPP SELLS.

I strongly reccommend Premium Membership. Valuable training and good tools for my business.

Do you need Wealthy Affiliate?

Probably yes. You wouldn’t be reading it if you don`t need it.

If you just want to have your personal blog about your life and hobbies.. you definitely need Wealthy Affiliate. I have seen so many blogs that look terrible, are unsecure and don’t keep me reading. Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to avoid these mistakes.

If you are a business owner then you definitely need Wealthy Affiliate. We don`t have to use WA’s techincal tools we can just use it’s training and communty. Every business need traffic because traffic is money. Wealthy Affiliate helps you to get more traffic from Google. And believe me.. I know what means to do paid advertising… I must say I prefer sending 3 emails a week.. Spengind thousand on paid advertising is fun, but it can be expensive.

If you start with LOW capital.. then you definitely need Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe legally I can’t say that you need, but I know it will help you a lot!


Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that will train you and equip you with all the main tools you will need. If you would buy all the tools and training and hosting separately.. you would pay much more!

Building a business in online world is like planting a tree. The earlier you start the better of you are. It dosen`t mean that we don`t have chance because so many people started years ago.. We have always new opportunities, businesses, niches, products, etc. There is always room for more. So take action!

If you would like me to guide you in Wealthy Affiliate, then start with your FREE account HERE => Wealthy Affiliate


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