Why BitCoin`s price was over $19k

Hey Guys!

Today we are talking about BitCoin price and why was is so high!

I start by saying that it will probably go over $19k again and the reason is.. cryptomarket is still young! In todays world we have trillions of dollars aound the world in different currencys, panks, retirement fonds, etc.. If all this is going to move into crypto world.. the prices will skyrocket.

Ofcourse we cannot say that all this money is going to move into crypto.. but the most of it probably will..

There are many small countries where people have billions of dollars in banks earning tiny interest every year. SMALL COUNTRIES = BILLIONS. BIG COUNTRIES = ???

We have a lot of money in this world.. and we shouldn’t think small.. I am using BItCoin as a store of value. BitCoin is like gold gor me.

Gold is non-transferable store of value.

BitCoin is transferable store of value.

If more people come to this realization. then popularity of gold will decrease.

The second reason why I think that BitCoin is going over $19k again and even hgher is because marketing. I have been in marketing industry for over 3 years. I have experienced selling, mlm, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, etc. I have been involved in everything one way or another.

From marketing standpoint… BitCoin is worth a lot. BitCoin`s brand is worth more than it’s functions. In my opinion.. BitCoin is the only cryptocurrency right now on the market that offers enough trust and stability for people to buy their first cryptocurrency. People have and still are speaking about BitCoin in television, blogs, youtube, social media, etc. There is so much content out there that every day touches new people.

In my opinion.. today we are in confusion phase! People are a little bit confused about cryptos. There are over thousand different cryptos and nobody knows which one is the “good” one! BitCoin started from 2009 and to this day people are speaking about it. This attracts more people to buy some BitCoins for themselves.

Big vs Small! Another reason why I think BTC was so high and will be again.. is that.. if you think about buying crypto for $1 – $5k.. you don`t really care. Every crypto is great. it`s not a big amount to be worried. But.. if you are investing millions… it`s harder to trust smaller cryptos.. we know that there are smaller mining pools aroung AltCoins and there are HUGHE mining pools around BitCoins. Bigger mining pool means thinking about future.

The final reason why I believe that BitCoin will be over $19k is because the people who can say the most that they are experts are telling so..

What do you think.. is BitCoin going over $19k again? Let me know in the comments!

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