“Weapon” that can make or break you – What is it?

Hey guys! Today we are going to talk about the “weapon” that can make or break you!

What is it? – It CALRITY!

This is something that many entrepreneurs have difficulties with! For me.. it has never been a long-lasting problem, but for others it unfortunately is.

But Why is it so important?

Good question. In my experience. Clarity is sideefect for 5 year plans and “what ever it takes” attitude. If you have made a 5-year plan and your attitude is “what ever it takes” to make these plans into reality… I would say you feel clarity!

But why is it so important??… Clarity will give you self confidence. The power comes from trusting yourself.

I have seen entrepreneurs making decisions. And then a few days, hours, months later. They are going to sell themselves. Why it wasn’t that good decision they made. My mind always screams STOP!!! We have to go all in and do what every it takes. Because it will boost more our self confidence and that my friends is something you need for entrepreneurship.

It dosen’t mean that you can’t ever change your plans. Sometimes we need to change our decisions. If we made them with lack of information and the result is not worth the price. We can SOMETIMES OVER-DECIDE not most of the time!

Eventually you will also start to make decision more carefully. What is actually what most of the successful entrepreneurs are doing. They do take risks, but these are calculated risks.

Be The Intelligent Investor not a Dumb Investor.

I wish you all the success you are chasing.

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