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This week we did a little update on our site. We changed the theme on our site! We personally love the new-look.. it looks so much more professional now!

In the online world.. it is very important to look professional.. To look as a authority!

Most of the things on our site do not look important until we discover that a 1% higher CTR when we have 100k visitors makes a huge difference! It gives us 1000 more clicks to our offer for example! So it makes sense to upgrade our site as much as possible.

We did a little research before we chose/bought new theme! The theme we are using now is also used by a 7 figure blog owner! The point is that it works. And actually.. he was the one who recommended using this theme.

(If you would like to get also this theme, then click here)

Download Authority Theme

Reasons why we changed our theme:

  • To make our site look more professional
  • Authority theme is so much more editable than other themes. Especially FREE themes.
  • Authority theme is extremely fast
  • They offer a great support with this theme(very important. That means that this theme is still up to date and you don’t have to be afraid of future problems on your site, because it’s just old.)
  • It’s responsive (changes between PC, tablet, phone, etc – it’s important for ranking)
  • SEO ready
  • Thanks to many modification possibilities, we now could delete some plugins and that made our site also faster.

BUT; there’s more

With this theme we also discovered the platform called MyThemeShop.

MyThemeShopis a platform that offers high quality wordpress themes and wordpress plugins! Now I have 10+ free quality themes and 15+ free quality plugins.

I wanted to buy a new theme many months ago, but after doing my research I understood, that it is not that simple that I just pay and that’s it.
Buying a theme is like investment into the future. It’s like starting a cooperation because that’s what it is. Theme is an important part of my business so it has to be a quality theme with good team. As far as I can tell.. these guys know what they are doing.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your game by getting a new theme to your wordpress site then start by making a FREE account with MyThemeShop.
If you FIRST start with an FREE account with MyThemeShop and THEN buy a theme (For example Authority) then you will get a little discount.

Be a better servant to other people (that’s the only reason we have a website a first place) with more quality website!

That’s it for today! I wish you all the success you are chasing!

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I look into it as soon as possible!

Live rich!





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