Visitors & Money – How To (5/6)

How to get traffic to my website and turn them into money?

In this article I am going to talk about 2 things that are important in our Home Business Project!

We talk about:

  1. Visitors – How to get visitors to our page/website/store
  2. Money – How to turn those visitors into money(focusing on Affiliate Marketing)


Traffic is the most importan part of every business! It dosen`t matter if it`s online or ofline business. Because traffic mean people, people mean potential customers and customers mean money!

A lot of businesses fight for the best places in every city! And the reason is very simple! Most of the time, when business people talk about a “GOOD” place for their business, then what they mean is that there are a lot of customers.

Let`s take online business as an example. Let`s say that your business only exists online and we can`t find you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or Google. The only way that customers can visit your website, is when they know your domain! Well.. it would be a hughe problem!

To avoid that problem we want to be reachable through every channel possible! We want to be reachable through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube & Google!

In my opinion there are two types of channels:

  1. First look channels
  2. Second look channels

First look channels for TRAFFIC:

Into this category I would put the INFO channels:

  • Google
  • YouTube

Why? Because these are 2 biggest channels.. where people(potential customers) are going for to get information! And company that offers most value through these channels.. will win the customer! Now..

Second look channels for TRAFFIC:

Into this category I would put most of the social media:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • etc…

The reason we are putting these social medias here.. is because clients spend most of their time here, but they are not looking for solutions in these channels.

But if you have won that visitor/traffic to your site thanks to YouTube or Google and you have offered some value to these visitors.. then it`s important that they can find you(your business) from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The reason is.. that this is a second look for them. First you offered value and now you are building trust with them! The more they trust you the more they are going to spend with you!

Our team at Intelligent Investors Community is running some experiments regarding free traffic sources! We are still testing everything out ourselves. When we are finished we will publish the results of these experiments.



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