Top 3 Sources For CashFlow

Top 3 Sources For CashFlow

CashFlow is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your LIFE! It gives you choices or takes them from you… The bigger your cash flow probably more choices you are gonna have.. So let’s look what are the best ways to generate cash flow..

What are the 3 best sources for generating CashFlow?

Going to work

Plus points:

  • Low startup fees
  • Higher chance that you are going to have cash flow
  • Takes almost the least amount of time from start to your first paycheck(usually 30 days)
  • You will learn about something… what ever you are told to do.. you will learn about that.. & you can use that information later.. to build your business, etc
  • You work for a certain amount of time in a day… you don’t have to work 24/7 like you usually have to with your own business.

Minus points:

  • It’s not scalable.. You usually get paid for time you spend working
  • It’s hard to 2x or 10x your income.. (no high paying jobs in your profession, education limit, training limit, etc)


Selling in network marketing, your own products or selling for a sales company.. they all work. Selling makes money.. You have to find a product you can sell and find the right audience for it.. After that you can start to connect these two.. the better your skills the more money you are gonna make..

Plus points:

  • Based on your skill.. not on your time
  • Usually the better you get the more money same amount of time invested is gonna make you.
  • You will learn about yourself A LOT = PRICELESS
  • You will learn about other people and about communication (it helps you to keep your relationships in good condition)
  • Your schedule is more flexible. you can start to sell next to your day job.
  • A lot of mentors who can help you get good at selling faster.. Then you would become alone.(Number 1 sales trainer in the world is Grant Cardone)
  • Companys are always looking for someone who would help them deliver the product to their customers.
  • There is no strict cap on your income.. usually you earn a percentage.. that will give you more opportunity for higher paycheck

Minus points:

  • Takes time to master the art of selling
  • More competition Then regular job
  • You will get paid for results

Selling Online

Yes.. we just talked about selling.. And now we are talking about selling online… And there’s a reason for that.. Selling is done through communicating with other people.. and internet is not a “thing” it’s a connection between billions of people..

There was a time when people could say excuses like.. “I can never make it, because I live in a poor country.” Thanks to internet we have a WORLD! People in poor countries are even in better situation. They have low expenses, but they can start to build their small business from home.

Two business models I suggest to use are AFFILIATE MARKETING & DROPSHIPPING! Affiliate marketing is definitely better to start with because of low costs. It dosen’t take so much upfront costs as dropshipping needs.

Plus points:

  • You have a chance to sell to billions of people
  • Online business is more scalable.. (there are programs, bots, tools, etc that can work for you when you are working on something else)
  • There is almost no limit how much you can earn(it all depends on what you choose to do)
  • You can work it part-time especially with affiliate marketing
  • It has a real chance to retire you
  • If you retire.. you don’t retire because of tens of years of hard work or because of luck.. you retire because of skills you have acquired. That means you don’t just retire, but you also have the knowledge to do it again.. if you ever need to..
  • You are building YOUR BUSINESS! Like my MENTOR Grant Cardone says “You can’t get rich if you don’t have a business! You need business to get rich!”

Minus points:

  • You are learning many skills at once as in selling you can learn step by step.. you start with a script.. and then with asking questions, etc.. With selling online your results rely on many skills… and in the beginning it takes time to figure out which one of these is the reason you are not making it yet.. If there are less variables… you are better at determine which variable needs your attention the most.. but if you start with many.. you have to put more time into it.. to start to figure everything out.
  • You need to commit. Why working for someone else is the best source for cash flow.. is because you DON’T HAVE to commit. If you do.. it’s good.. but you don’t have to! Building your business needs your commitment. It’s the minus.. because it’s something you are not used to do.. you have to learn all these new business skills and also how to commit at the same time…

I hope this article helped you to get more clarity and now you have at least some kind of direction.

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