I remember dreaming about my life when I was young! I knew what I wanted! I wanted money! I wanted time! I wanted family! And at that time I was12 😀

I didn’t want to live my life the same way my parents lived! I want to change that!

When I read my first business book “Secrets of the millionaire mind” by T. Harv Eker I started to believe more!

And then I thought that TIME is my first priority! Because I don’t want money and to have a family without time! Money is next because I don’t want to have family without decent amount of money! And then comes the family! I have always been thinking, that I want to be a very good husband and I want to be a very good father!

My priorities:




Why I have my life set up like this is because the idea that you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself! Your life is for you! Your dreams are for you! You have to keep your priorities right! If you mess these up you mess up your life! I have seen people that try to help other all the time! I don’t enjoy their company! I can see these people have problems in their life! It is important to understand that if you value yourself, others also will begin to value you!

I know that I want to provide best to my close ones both mentally and financially! The only way to do it is to help myself first! Help yourself and then help others!


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