The Higher They Go, The Harder They Fall

While investing, you are not sure as how profitable your investment might be…

ask yourself some simple, skeptical questions:

  • Why should the future returns of stocks always be the same as their past returns?
  • When every investor comes to believe that stocks are guaranteed to make money in the long run, won’t the market end up being overpriced?
  • If that happens.. how can future returns possibly be high?

Benjamin Graham refers to these questions as to ask when investing into stocks. In my life I have found that, this is mostly true almost everywhere I invest.

Especially cryptocurrency market as it is more and more like stock market.

Just be sure that you don’t enter the market when its too high! Everything has its limits. You can pay too much for everything even for investment.

I have heard that thought before “The Higher They Go,…”, but no one has ever expained why it is that. Finally Graham did.

Feel free to leave your thoughts into the commentc section!

I wish you the best possible returns!

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