Teaching Changes The Market

I ma very thankful for all the leaders who have taught me anything about business, sales, mindset, marketing, etc.. BUT.. what we have to realize is that teaching changes the market!

If you have a strategy that works.. use it. Instead of teaching it. The minute you start teaching it… is the time it starts losing it’s value. There are some situations where it’s financially profitable to teach your ways instead of using them.. And teaching is also an easier way to make money of of your information.

Benjamin Graham in his book “The Intelligent Investor” told a story.. how some individuals discovered a trading “system” to make money and then made a book about it. Well… Thanks to that book everybody wanted to use that “system”… but that system stopped working.

Think about it… in what ever condition the market is.. if you find a way to make money in that market condition… why should you change the condition of the market. If you change it… you also have to change your system!

When I say systems .. I mean tactics, strategies, step-by-step action plans, etc. ways to make money.. I would also put different sales pitches and sales tactics here.. Because.. teaching sales will change how people buy.. and how people see your strategy.

Instead of teaching strategies, teach about mindset. There is nothing bad if you teach about mindset.. if you teach people to analyze, learn and take action on what they have learned.. they are going to be the ones who bring new ways to the market.. with success stories… not with coaching programs!

Examples of how teaching changed the market

Dropshipping – many people started to teach dropshipping… what happened is that CPM’s started to rise… and it makes sense… BUT… CPM didn’t just rise because there were more marketers that were bidding on the same audience.. but also because.. clients got exhausted for seeing adds and buying products. There is a limit..

I agree that there is no lack of money on this earth.. BUT.. there is for one product.. or for one audience…

There are countries where there are ONLY 600 000 taxpayers! If every one of them buys a new TV.. try to sell them a new one next month!!! That doesn’t work that way. They have no money left for that..

If you find a model that works. don’t start to teach it. I know it sounds harsh… and I even would profit from it, if some of you would come out with a new working system… and I would be able to use it.. but that’s just a short time pleasure… what we are looking for is a long term happiness! Systems get old… but your solution oriented brain will stay with you. Your brain will never start working if you are not using it today.

Cryptocurrency – 2014 and 2015 was a silent period in cryptocurrency market.. if you would compare  it to what’s happening now.

In 2012-2015 media was more and more talking about cryptocurrency.. which was good.. if you were a Intelligent Speculator.. you wold just buy, hold, STAY QUIET… and watch the world slowly waking up.. and rising the market cap of the cryptocurrency world.

BUT.. what happened?!  It wasn’t very hard to make money with crypto at that time. Let’s say you bought and hold for 3 to 6 months, it is very likely that you would have allready made some cash in that period. But… that was the time when almost everyone was an expert of cryptocurrencies.

The market that was growing with experts also skyrocketed the total marketcap of the crypto world.. but only for a short time…

What worked for those “experts” didn’t worked that good anymore after they had started teaching their “secrets”…

A lot of crypto experts are not so active anymore these days..


  • Be smart. Learn and think… It’s very important to educate yourself. Read “The Intelligent Investor” and you are prepared to make better decisions.
  • Teaching changes the market – speak less and do more.
  • It’s not our hustle that changes the world.. it’s our brain!
  • Billionaires teach the less… millionaires teach the most! THINK!

That’s all for today.. I hope you got some value out of it. I want you guys to know that I am regulary updating and improving my posts.. so keep coming back.

I hope that you are an Intelligent Investor and not only that, but also an Intelligent Entrepreneur! It’s not our huslte that changes the world.. it’s our brain! Let’s use it!

I wish you successful investments!


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