Starting With Network Marketing

How to start with network marketing? No short answer because there is so many things to take into account.

Let’s start with income

Before you join network marketing company you have to have a cash flow! There are many people in network marketing industry who are building a company and they are not making it in their lives. I suggest you to build a life.

You have to have a cash flow, because network marketing is a business and businesses have expenses. If you think that you don’t need an extra cash flow and you are going to make it in network marketing in your first month.. well.. I thought the same and I didn’t! And I know many network marketers who thought exactly the same and didn’t make it in their first month. They even didn’t do it in their first 6 months. Take your time! Why?

Because you are fighting so many battles at the same time! In network marketing you don’t have stability! You don’t have fixed time frame for working. You don’t have your own workplace to go. You don’t have boss. You are in very unstable world! And it’s hard! Because you need fixed ground! And the only way you are going to achieve that is by being very strong yourself! You will be the solid ground for your team and for their team! Until you are not able to focus very hard there will be no results for you! Until then it is always learning! You can have small successes but what I am talking about is a long term success!

Learning curve in network marketing is long! So you have to have a cash flow before you join network marketing!

Secondary Income Stream

Network marketing business will always be your secondary income stream! At first you have a job and network marketing. But if you network marketing income is big enough to quit your job, then wait! I suggest you to save at least 6 months expenses money. And then you can quit your job!

Now the next thing you are going to do. Now you will start your own business. Preferably an online business because offline businesses take a lot of time! It’s easier to scale your online business than your offline business.

In that point you are going to increase your network marketing cash flow. You are working on it every day, but at the same our goal is to make more money with our online business than with our network marketing business. The reason is that you need multiple streams of income. Network marketing business belongs to someone else, but your business belongs to you!

Remember.. that network marketing teaches you many valuable skills that are very hard to get from somewhere else.

The goal in life is to get better not just get rich!

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