Start Business From Home – Building It Up (1/6)

Start Business From Home Building It Up

How To Start Business From Home? I guess the most of us have asked this question. And certainly are you.. as you are reading this article!

In this article I am going to talk about the best way in my opinion.. that shows you How To Start Business From Home!

I can say that I know what I am talking about because I have gone through all these steps myself! I have worked from home last 4 years. The most important thing you can do in my opinion is actually starting to build something as fast as possible so that today you can build something and a year from now you can improve that something and from that maybe the same year or in couple of years you ACTUALLY make MONEY! Today as an entrepreneur. I value my own experience many times more over theoretical knowledge.

OOH… And I wouldn`t want to hear advice that it takes years to make money! And reality is.. it still took years to make money 😀 And before I made money I learned to the level that just made me go back to these mentors who told me.. IT TAKES YEARS! In my opinion.. if I had listened to them.. it would have taken me soo much less time to break through.
NOW.. let`s get down to the business!

What I am going to talk about in this article Start Business From Home

  • Ecommerce vs Affiliate Marketing
  • Niches – Why you need a niche and how to choose on!
  • WordPress – Why you need a website and how to build one!
  • Visitors – How to get traffic to your online business.
  • Money – How to monetize you business.
  • Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix – How to fast track and beat your competitors.
  • FREE vs $100 – how big difference does it make
  • When can I make my first dollars?


Over the years when I have coached other committed entrepreneurs who are starting out I have asked one question from them. This helps to get their mindset on the “right” track!

The question is…:There are two sportsmen. One has just won one Olympic medal and the other one is working his way to that medal. The guy who is working his way to the medal.. he is eating like a top sportsman. He is training like a top sportsman. He is sleeping like a top sportsman. He is doing everything like a top sportsman. But the point is.. that this guy dosen`t have the medal from the Olympic games. So.. The question is.. Which one of these guys is actually a top sportsman?

The answer is maybe both. But the one who is training and eating like a top sportsman is definitely a top sportsman. We are defined by the thins we do and by the things we don’t do. If this guy who already won the Olympics, but won’t train for the next medal.. he is not top sportsman anymore. He was. But he is not anymore.

So make a decision today to think like an entrepreneur and work like an entrepreneur… And as a result you define yourself as an entrepreneur.

3 VERY important steps for SUCCESS from the MAN named GRANT CARDONE Start Business From Home

  1. GENERATE CASHFLOW – This is one of the most overlooked step in business. Grant is one of the very FEW coaches out there who actually talk about cash flow. Because he knows that it`s extremely important.I know many entrepreneurs, including me,. who actually made some damage in their lives. Because we started to do this BUSINESS thing and 9-to-5 was for the weak ones. Damn! To this day I am so embarrassed. If I would start again, I would definitely start my business while working 9-to-5!Grant has a very good point. You are not able to move without cash flow! And that`s it! If I had just learned that one single point. I would be 10 times wealthier already. I always googled “how to start making money FREE, how to make money FREE, how to make money with ZERO investment!” I can’t look at those keywords and think about an entrepreneur at the same time. Those two don’t belong together.One more important point with cash flow is that. when you lose your cash flow.. Then your #1 priority is to get your cash flow back. Now let`s move to step #2!
  2. Invest into yourself! It might seem like the thing you already know. But I am sure you don’t… The purpose of investing into yourself. Is to increase your CashFlow!In my opinion most of the people have a very wrong understanding what cash flow is for. Most of the people think that the 9-to-5 job is for living. Actually NO!!! Job is for starting out! If you have a job. your can start to upgrade your brain and therefore you are able for bigger achievements.I have this rule that helps you understand the difference between entrepreneurship and being an employee. It`s about being valuable. If you make $0.00 to $3 000.00/ month with your job then there is a very high chance that you will not make anything with your company as an entrepreneur. BUT… if you are able to make $3 000.00/month as an entrepreneur then there is a big chance that as a regular employee you would be making 3 times more money every month. This is just what I have seen in my life. And I guess it`s because you are just that much more qualified!Check out that coaching program that has been for service for 12 years for online entrepreneurs and has been improved every year!

    (What is very good about today s topic. Is that there is an awesome coaching program that teaches you about how to start out as an online entrepreneur. It consists of 2 parts. 1 part is coaching and the other part is technical side. All the latest tools to get free traffic from Google. Without the need to pay extra cash like other blogs, websites have to! I will talk about this more in this post. My point is that this coaching platform is an ideal way to invest into yourself, into your business and into increasing your cash flow at the same time. And it`s not extremely expensive.)

    Now to the step #3!

  3. Save $100 000! This amount of money will give you 2 things: choices and it has a potential to really get you to the next level. Between Cash lowe and $100k you are constantly saving money and investing into yourself to. There is no only one way. Both ways. Constantly. And it will never stop!Why it is good. To save $100k! Let`s say that you are into real estate like Grant Cardone. He earns millions every month only with real estate. He started from the bottom and worked his way up the food chain. I will give you this example so it will give you clarity what this point actually means. Grant says that don’t start to invest into real estate before you have $100k on your account. Why?.. Because it will protect you from yourself. It will protect you from making a stupid decisions.What ever you are into. Your own new company that you want to launch. don’t do it unless you have $100k set aside.These points will give you an almost fool proof way to the top! If you are teachable and trainable. I really really reccommend you to do as Grant Cardone is saying! Don`t start to buy some fancy stuff.. buy yourself a improved brain with improved capabilities.

But now! Let`s go more into detail.. How To Start Business From Home!

How To Start a Business From Home

To start a business from home.. we need to SELL something! Most of the time money dosen`t move.. if there is no value at the other side of the end. So.. in order for you to have a business from home.. And businesses are build for making money… we need to sell something. Make a strong decision.. To stik to the plan and work yourself from point A where you are today to the point B.. The next point you want to be!


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