Reading Book A Week – How & Why

From NoReader to Book A Week

I didn’t used to read, not at all. I always fall asleep every time I took a book to my hand. I think it was mostly because I was always into sports – I wanted and needed activity. Then one day a friend of mine recommended a book to me. This book was “The secrets of the millionaire mind” By T. Harv Eker. I must say that the title sold me. Years and years I wanted to find a way to millions in life. Nobody around me couldn’t teach me, but now I had a teacher or teachers, because there are many books written by smart minds! This was a first book, and after that I really wanted to read. I started to read a bit more. Still didn’t read book a week, but more than before.

Reading has a power over our bank balance

When I read my first book (“Secrets of the millionaire mind” by T. Harv Eker – the first book that I really wanted to read) I noticed that I started to make smarter choices in life! And thanks to the fact that I was and still am coachable and teachable to books I have grown a lot. Now I understand why they say that average CEO reads 50 to 60 books a year. I want to always be able to provide to my family and I also want to experience more in my life. I want to have more choices and more time. Getting better and better helps us to achieve that.

Why to read book a week_

Life is about getting better. Good skills give you good life. If your communication skills are good, if your skills with men/women are good, if your money making skills are good… you will live a good life. Being able to offer yourself and your family A LIFE, is something you cannot miss. Reading book a week will help us get better every week.

Why to read book a week_

How?? Just go to library or to a book store and find one book that you think you would like to read and then just read it.
I would also suggest that you to set a goal for yourself, why you will read a book a week.

Possible goals_

  • Get better at your your job (niche books)
  • Get better at selling (to sell yourself higher paying jobs)
  • Get better in relationships
  • Learning more about your obsessions (chemistry, physics, etc)

Plan of attack would be to take a book you want to read, see how many pages it has and divide this number with 5. Now you know how many pages you have to read each day, to finish the book with a week.

Why 5 days_

We don’t always have the time to read. And there is nothing wrong in that. That`s just how it is. Life happens. The reason we are reading is that we could be more prepared with these “life happens” situations. The 5 day plan, gives us some buffer.

My plans

I am I reading book a week. And every time I read book I take some notes. Moreover, I am planning to share my thoughts and notes with you in the future. So you can see what I am reading and how I see things in my perspective.


  • As we learned – reading book a week is important! It not only affects us, this also affects our loved ones.
  • Choosing the reason for reading can help a lot with staying on track.
  • Find such books that fit to your interests.
  • Divide all pages with 5 so you are more prepared to actually finish the book.
  • Use the information that you collect from the books
  • I am reading book a week, it means you can get book ideas and read my ideas about those books.

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