Put all Your Eggs in One Basket… but Don’t keep ’em there

There is no doubt.. that one of the greatest riches has been made by putting your eggs into one basket..

Even the world-famous Andrew Carnegie said “The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket”.

But the truth is.. that the world’s biggest failures have been made the same way.. Constantly changing economy can crush your basket.. so be always prepared and at one point start to own more baskets!

In today s world the power is in concentration. Big companies are not good at concentrating. Because they are after the masses.. but at the same time.. you can work with the little groups to work your way up.. that is your advantage.

In the future keep that basket focused on small audience.. and then add more focused basket… but do not make one big basket that focuses on everything..

This is the mistake some big names are doing from time to time.

Be Smart & Be Wealthy

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