Only Speculate With Money You Can Afford to Lose

While investing our money there are many opportunities. There are almost endless opportunities where to put our money and one is better than another. BUT… There is one sound rule about investing. Don’t lose your money! Only speculate with the money you can afford to lose.

There is a difference between investing and speculating. When you invest.. there are many rules to follow. One of them is that you protect your initial investment. The problem is that there are also many places that offer greater return for us, but there is no protection for our initial investment and that’s why it’s speculating.

It’s not wrong or bad to speculate. We can make some great profits doing that… it’s just that it shouldn’t be our main focus for making money. So only speculate with money you can afford to lose.


Investing Definition


Speculate Definition

Examples of speculation:

  • cryptocurrency
  • Forex
  • MLM Investment companies.
  • Some StartUps


My latest experience

After many unsuccessful experiences with different MLM investment companies I have become more and more skeptical. I wasn’t before because I have actually built a team in one network marketing company to over 1000 members. And this company wasn’t offering any kind of ROI. It was pure work. So that made me trust MLM companies.

But one day I see posts everywhere about this one companies that I am not going to mention here. Everybody was sharing posts about this opportunity and it was very much alike these investment mlm’s. I talked with one of the promoters and I made the decision to only invest the sum I can actually lose. It was good for many months and then the problems started to occur. Today it’s a mess. There is a potential that this company will be successful again, but I am planning for the worse.

… what is funny is that my sponsor also promoted the idea that only invest what you can lose… but when the problems started… many people where upset. And I was thinking…WOW… people are so lazy.. They are lazy enough to not build their own businesses. And then.. if some company offers them ROI.. they are going for it. And they are also disciplined enough to not invest too much money into the company. How lazy can one be. I don’t literally care… because I actually invested only the sum I can lose. I am prepared to lose it. Ohh… and this company is not BitCoinnect 😀 I do like the songs though… I think BitCoinnect should turn this into income somehow.. they should use that fame 😀

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