Midas Touch – Book Review

Hey Guys!

This is my book review of the book named “Midas Touch” by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki! It was very interesting read!

That is my first book that is written by Donald Trump. I have read Robert Kiyosaki’s books before.

This book gave me some good points. My notes:

  • “Life is like a grindstone; whether it grinds you down or polishes you up depends on what you’re made of!” – Jacob M. Braude
  • There are many entrepreneurs who won’t make it, because they are not able to make enough mistakes.
  • Most entrepreneurs lack:
    • Capital
    • Practical experiences
    • Emotional maturity
    • Strong will
  • Selling = INCOME
  • Business is growing when businessman is growing.
  • If you feel stress work with it and get used to it, but don’t freeze.
  • Entrepreneurs goal is to protect employees from the real hard world outside.
  • Lying dosen’t need courage! It`s easy to Lie! If it’s easy, you don’t have to become much!
  • Entrepreneurs want 100% real feedback! Only truth!
  • It’s important to stay focused even if things are working fine! Great man have lost much by not staying focused!
  • As entrepreneur I have to stay focused on my targets and I have to finish what I started.. what ever the difficulties are.

I am studing Grant Cardone a lot! And what I got out of this book is emotional thoughness! We have to be emotionally though so that we wouldn’t betray ourselves. We all have ethics. Our values. Emotionally weak person will give up easily.

People who are not strong emotionally are the ones that hurt us the most. We have to be strong and we have to do ETHICALLY What Ever It Takes to accomplish our goals. ETHICALLY! And that requires emotional thoughness.

I will update this from time to time. If I read it again. or if something “clicks” from this book.. I will update this review!

If you would love to get this book for yourself, then get it down here from Amazon.

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