Is SkyWay A Scam – It`s Important That You Know


Name: SkyWay Capital
Price: Minimum $0.00 – Maximum amount is until company has sold 15% of the stocks
Owners: Anatoliy Eduardovich Yunitskiy
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

SkyWay Capital Overview

What is SkyWay? SkyWay is an overground highly effiicient transport technology, the base of which is the innovative string-rails technology. The particular feature of this technology is it`s ideal evenness, and strength which ensures the achievement of excellent perfomance indicators and solves a range of the most pressing transport problems.
In short: It consists things we have used trough years and combines the best sides together. And that`s how we get this next generation transportation system for people and cargo!

SkyWay started with an idea. Company started to use crowdfunding to make this idea into reality. SkyWay`s idea, was to start building a SkyWay EcoTechnoPark for practical implementation and certification of all the Sky Way specified technological solutions.
This comapny has working on this idea for over 36 years. In the last 5 years, the progress of the company is faster. Idea is get to the point where many big countries use SkyWay as their transportation solution.
The project is planned into 15 stages and right now 9 of them are done! So only 6 stages are left. It means after these 6 stages, the opportunity to own shares of this company is no longer available and company is more prepeared for big clients all over the world.

SkyWay Transportation – Product for the world_

What are the advantages of Sky Way technology_

  • low construction costs
  • local and minimum land allocation
  • no earth embankment
  • friendly to the environment with conservation of ecosystems
  • elimination of collision with overground vehicles, people, animals
  • high resistance to terrorism and vandalism
  • low power consumption with using renewable sources of energy
  • full automation
  • the highest degree of safety and the absence of intersecting ways
  • high noise safety and also vibration and electrical safety
  • high speed indicators
  • the possibility of laying the tracks on different soils, as well as in water areas
  • independence from weather conditions, resistance to natural cataclysms
  • high availability for logistics
  • minimum operating costs
  • easy pairing with existing transport structures and adding to them
  • flexible integration into the existing infrastructure of settlements
  • accelerated development of nearby territories
  • saving passengers time and financial expenses
  • high passenger comfort
  • transportation of minerals from inaccessible places
  • quick payback period
  • a long life cycle

Advantages of the Sky Way technology in comparison with railway, monorail, motor transport and magnetic levitation transport_

  • Capital costs are 2 – 18 times lower
  • operating costs are 2 – 30 times lover
  • environmental pollution is 1.5 – 100 times lower
  • transport accident rate is 2 – 10 times lower

SkyWay has good promises to the world. What about reality_

In order to offer to world it`s services. SkyWay has to certify it`s technology. And that is the reason SkyWay is building a SkyWay EcoTechnoPark.

SkyWay EcoTechnoPark is…

EcoTechnoPark is a special object for practical implementation and certification of all the Sky Way specified technological solution.

The EcoTechnoPark is being constructed using investors funds.

EcoTechnoPark is situated in the town of Maryina Gorka, Belarus, on the arena of 35.9 hectares.

The EcoTechnoPark`s property and intellectual assets (after commissioning) is approximately $1.3 billion (USD).

The EcoTechnoPark is scheduled to be commissioned in 2017.

In spring of 2017, the government of the Republic of Belarus assigned additionally 120 hectares for rent, as well as 22km for the extensions of the high-speed track outside of the EcoTechnoPark`s area for the certification and demonstration of the movement at a speed of 500km/h (310 MPH).

  • centre for certification, testing and improvement of SkyWay technology, as well as for creation of new generations of transport and infrastructure complexes
  • showroom for selling SkyWay products
  • exhibition and business centre
  • demonstration of the ecological potential of SkyWay technology and the corresponding transport infrastructure
  • demonstration of landscaping of the roofs of the buildings within the frame of the infrastructural clusters in Linear cities.

Where is SkyWay now in November 2017_

Right now SkyWay is at the 10th stage of development. EcoTechnoPark actually exists. Tests and certifications of the technology are also happening right now! Company has tes of thousands of members/investors.
EcoTechnopark wa built for testings, certifiations and for potential clients of the SkyWay technology. And it is working. Because politicians from different countries have visited the EcoTechnoPark. Some countries are allready planning some projects in their country. Which is good news, because this would mean money for the investors.
SkyWay has 6 more stages to go. This project has been in Australian television and also in Australian radio. (I found a lot of youtube videos about that.) So it`s getting more and more popularity.

SkyWay and money! What`s it in for us_

So let`s talk about money. Because we do live on the economic planet.

SkyWay had an idea and they started working that idea into reality. They understood that the best way to collect money for this project is by crowdfunding. And if I am honest, it seems to work. Becaus they have finished 9 stages of development allready.
Luckily for us this company is no longer in the idea phase. My friend and his dad visited EcoTechnoPark in 2017 a made some photos there. Also SkyWay has a lot of patents to protect it`s value and technology.

Idea is that investors are the money source while the company is been build up.  And with 15 stages 15 percent of the stocks are sold to us. So if all the stages are over. All the “investors” combined own 15% of the main company. And 20% from the profit that is earned through SkyWay projects in different countries is paid out to us. The money that we pay to get stocks of the company is not used for dividends. If it would work that way, this review would be very negative, because we would be talking about a ponzi. SkyWay only takes money from us, to build test tracks that they can show to the customers – countries. I have heard some news that there have been meetings between India and SkyWay. If understood correctly then India is planning ~1 billion US dollar project in India and they have allready paid 5% of that to SkyWay to start things moving.

When and How much we earn_

I don`t except anything from SkyWay until 3 years has passed. I personally think that after 3 years company is able to pay some dividends to us, but not before.
I think about this company like Coca-Cola. If SkyWay can handle all the positive attention they have from different countries and are able to finish projects in many countries, we are talking about multi billion dollar corporation.

There are 2 questions I ask myself all the time_

What stocks I want to buy?


What stock I want to own?

There is a risk difference between those 2 questions. We want to buy something that is low priced right now, but has the potential to rise in future. Like everybody is talking about these Amason, Facebook stories and so on.
But we want to own stocks from as stable company as possible. Transportation seems pretty stable to me. Taking into account that Warren Buffet is also putting his money into transportation companies. That`s why I don`t except anything from SkyWay before 3 years. I don`t think that anybody should put all their savings into this project, but I think that everrybody should own atleast some amount of stocks. If 5 or 10 years from now, SkyWay is used as a global transportation system, then offcourse it would be nice to earn dividends even from the small amount of stocks. But everybody has to make theyr own decision based their possibilites.

Another way of making money with SkyWay

It`s selling! Most important word for every entrepreneur and everybody who is interested in making money, Even if you are an IT guy. Listen to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or The Facebook Mark. If you sell SkyWay you can make money!

I have my own company and I help other companies to sell their products. And every now and then when I have a successful campaign I earn 30% profit from the turnover. Why 30 percent? I break it down for you!
1) I find a good product from my partner
2) I sell it atleasst 3 times more than he wants from me.
3) I create a campaign arount that product
4) And I use different marketing channels to promote this product.

I found a product that costs to me $5. I sell it for $15. Usually advertising is 30%-50%. Mostly ~33%. What if I make 270 sales with that prodcut in one month:

  • $15 x 270 = $4 050 (turnover)
  • $5 x 270 = $1 350 (product cost)
  • $5 x 270 = $1 350 (marketing cost)
  • $4 050 – $1 350 – $1 350 = $1 350 (profit)

So the simple calculation is that I earn $4 050 and the marketing expense is 33% from that in this example. Ofcourse the results are not typical. This example is just based on my experience. But this example anwsers a very imporatnt question. Why SkyWay needs us. It`s very simple. In some campaign that I have done in my business, my marketing expenses are way more than 33% I my self as a owner of a company would love a fixed marketing cost. I would love to pay other people. Give them a chance to make money.

This means that you can earn a fixed commission every time you sell SkyWay`s package to someone who is interested in this project.

I have mainly focused on my own company, but I have also friends who are interested in this project. This year I have earned $3 266 and ofcourse I withdraw the money and used it to expand my own business.

SkyWay bonuses

It`s not much, but it helps. It`s $296 a month. At to this point no online sales are included. This is only from one on one selling. And I must say that again, these result are not typical or quaranteed. It takes time and effort to produce results like these.

I will share some thoughts, tips and tricks about how to sell this project to the potential people. Check my page( regulary for that.

Conclusin – Final Thoughts

Is SKYWAY Capital a SCAM?
NO, in my opinion.

WHY SkyWay is not a scam?
SkyWay has a unique view on the transportation and what solutions to use. If you watch some of the videos about SkyWay you understand that it`s not only about lowering transportation expenses, making it more affordable for everyone everywhere, but it`s also about making this earth a greener place. And in my opinion, this earth need more care.

If SkyWay succeeds we then there is a big chance that we don`t have to worry so much about planet earth anymore.

And if we talk about the money, then, we earn from selling(marketing expense for SkyWay) or we earn dividends which is maybe in 3 years, but there is no such thing that SkyWay is building a money pool and paying out other peaople from the money new comers have just put in. If SkyWay would not use us as a marketing force and would use billboard for example, then everything would the be same. Billboards would make a fixed commission from the money we put in. It would not be a fixed percentage as it is right now, because they have their own fixed price. But let`s be honest. No company would pay for billboards for long, if they would not make more money in return. So if billborads are making money for the company then they can expect more money next because the company want`s to continue getting more customers..

IMPORTANT – If You Are Interested

I reccommend you to watch some videos, but DON`T sign up with links they share. I personally would love to offer you my help and insights. If you think back and you feel that you got some value out from this post, then make yourself a free account HERE and we can work together!

I will update this review once in a while!

If you have any questions for me, about the company or about something else then feel free to share them in the comments below and I will do my best to give good anwsersfor you!


legally I must say that I am an independent represetative for this company and this information I shared  is mainly my vision of the company, even taking into account that I have gathered information from the sources that company has provided.


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