Investing VS Building A Business

Today we are going to talk about different strategies when it comes to investing and building a business. Nowadays we are getting a lot of “investing” advice and we are offered many “good” investing opportunities. But when it comes to everyday person, what he/she should do?

Should we start to invest as soon as possible or should we wait? I have to agree with Grant Cardone with this one. Don’t invest before you actually have saved at least 100 000€! There are a lot of beneficial things related to that strategy and we are talking about these things later.

Investing with a plan

Lately I thought that what if there was a place that would offer investors 10% return of their investment in a year…

What would be a better strategy for this opportunity? To start saving and investing or building a business first? You will find the answer from this article.

Saving and Investing

Here we are going to have a theoretical example where:

  • we are saving and investing 300€ a month and if you were to invest that with 10% ROI in a year!
  • ROI is 10% a year
  • ROI in a month is 0.83%
  • Plan is for 20 years
  • 20 years we are going to RE-INVEST all the earnings


  • Total amount we saved and invested is 72 000€
  • Total size of the portfolio is 227 810€
  • Monthly earnings (profit) is 1 898€

What it means is that if you were to save every month 300€ and you would invest it with 10% ROI every year.. after 20 years you would be only earning 1 898€/month!

For me… and with plan that takes so long.. it’s not worth it.


If we would think about another example. What if instead of investing right from the start we actually would start building a business. Thanks to internet some people are starting businesses with 10 000€-s! And they are making millions. There are a lot of opportunities like ecommerce, affiliate marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc. So it shouldn’t be impossible to start building your own business with very low costs. Let’s say that in 20 years you would make 10 000 000€ and you would invest that money with same ROI into the same place..

… how much would you be making??


You would be making 8 333€/month!

Thanks to your business experience you will also be better at selling, talking with other people, leading, learning, making money and building a business. There is of course a lot of things you would be better at.


The point of this article is that it’s not very smart to start saving and investing right away. It’s smarter to develop some skills and using them to build your business. Cash flow is the blood of the business and lifestyle.

Be smart… and invest into yourself(business education) so you would be able to make more and thanks to that you are finally able to save more and invest more.


What would you choose? 1 898€/month? or a 8 333€/month? Let me know in the comments!

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