Investing: TIME vs MONEY

This post is about investing. We are talking about investing TIME vs MONEY! Almost everybody can invest money. There are many new age lazy entrepreneurs who convert all their problems into MONEY! They think that money solves everything, but it won’t!

And there is also a smaller group of entrepreneurs who believe that they should invest time to get the results they are after. AND I totally agree and here’s why…

When you invest MONEY you will get SOMETHING,…

… but if you invest TIME you will become SOMEONE!
The problem with the something, is that if something happens with it.. it will lose it’s value. BUT by investing time.. you will get SKILLS! If Elon Musk was asked why did he start with IT company and didn’t start with electric cars was because coding was free for him. He had a skill and because of that he didn’t have to invest money to build his business. It’s fair to say that Elon wasn’t rich back then…

My Plans With Cryptocurrency

Last 12 months I have been more focused with my own company! Learning about different skills like social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, etc. Before that for 3 years I was in network marketing. So I have some skills…

…while working on my company… cryptos started gain more and more popularity. But I had a certain plans with cryptocurrency. Crypto was and still is on a second or even on a third place in my mind. Because in my head… if I am buying crypto low and then all of a sudden I will become millionaire because of that.. I still don’t have any skills. Only thing I know to do in this situation is to lose that money…
…BUT, if I make 1 million with my company.. I have a plenty of skills. 1 million with your own business dosen’t just happen.. it’s something you make happen.

I have a little amounts in different cryptos and I will be buying more and more of them, but I am not going grazy on them.

And my MAIN FOCUS will still be my own business. I am 99% sure that 10 years from now.. Skills are more needed than money.

It also makes sense to me, that big companies are waiting for the right time to attack. We have many billion dollar companies with VERY BIG IT teams that are just checking the waters on the cryptomarket. In my opinion..if these big companies make a decision to enter and combine their efforts… cryptocurrency market is very different from what we have today.

I recommend you to become an expert at something. Have a skill. Have a cash flow! And then… INVEST, but don’t speculate!

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