HTTP vs HTTPS – Is It Important?

Hi Guys!

Today we are talking about HTTP and HTTPS! I am not very good with computers so I keep it short and simple!

When I started with this site I started out as HTTP site. What this means is that it`s less secure and not so protected from hackers.

But now.. Intelligent Investors Community HTTPS

It`s important that as a site owner if you collect any type of client information (email, names, etc) that you have a HTTPS site!

Another reason why I am using HTTPS is Google!

I love Google for a reason that they have dominated the industry. Google is like a BIG GATE to the internet. Google is like a Homebase for internet.

And Google values more sites that start with HTTPS. And I get that. Google is like a broker who finds the best deals and then offers them to clents.

As a broker you don`t want your clients getting bad deals. Not if you are in the business for long run…

…so if x amount of peaople are searching information about something specific.. and Google has 2 options to show it to the searchers. Google will offer more secure variant.

PS! If you care about your clients, then you will activate HTTPS as soon as possible. For your own visitors.

How do get your site to HTTPS?

First place you have to look is your hosting. I am using Wealthy Affiliate platform so HTTPS is FREE for me. There is no extra cost for HTTPS.

And with WA I will get more useful tools for free:

Intelligent Investors Community and Wealthy Affiliate


I just turned SiteSSL and then followed instructions… and HTTPS was activated.

If you are not using HTTPS then start to use it NOW!

If you have a personal blog on a FREE platform like blogspot that’s also bad for SEO and security.

2018 is a year of customer experience.

I hope I provided some value for you guys!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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