How To Stay Productive When Working From Home – HOW TO

Working from home sounds better than it actually is. People are struggling hard times when working from home. In this post I bring out some problems people/entrepreneurs are having when working from home…

…and I am also going to talk about the strategies I used to stay more productive when I am working from home.

Main Problems People Have When Working From Home?

  • Anxiety – this is actually a real problem and one of the main reasons, why you may be less productive. I am not going to talk about the solution for this here, because this blog is focusing on business side of things.
  • You will be less productive – why I bring this out separately is because it’s true and important to understand. What happens is that you don’t have outside commitments(usually not always). Most people who work from home are working from themselves. And we are not the best bosses for ourselves. We may be BEST bosses for others, but not for ourselves. Everything you do starts to take more and more time. You start to do things when you like to do them and that is building a VERY BAD habit. Doing things “when you feel like it”! BAAAD!! It’s very hard to change that. So be aware.
  • Lack of socialization and social acceptance! It will definitely have effect you if you are not mentally that strong. That’s why Elon Musk(one of the greatest entrepreneur today) talks about mental toughness. If you are kind of person who always looks for confirmation from others… You are having a hard time working from home.
  • There are many more problems regarding working from home. In my opinion these problems are personal. Everyone has their share.

NOW, let’s dive into SOLUTIONS ->

For now I have worked more than 4 years from home. My journey has been interesting I would say. First part of that was mostly me doing meetings in restaurants, hotels, etc. I didn’t spend most of my time home. Most of the time I was out and selling!

But… The second part of that I have been working from home. Working on my ecom and affiliate businesses. I must say it has been a lot harder than going out and selling. It’s so much harder to stay focused and do the things that are needed to be done.

On this journey I have discovered couple of tricks that really help me with that.

What I Do To Be More Productive:

  • I find something I like to do and I do this as first thing in the morning. For me it’s a Gaming! Yes!! You read correctly.. Gaming. I wasn’t into gaming as entrepreneur because I was afraid that I will lose my productivity because of that. BUT.. then I saw one TED talk where Daphne Bavelier talked about why gaming is useful. (You can watch it on YouTube – just search “ted talk gaming” and you will find it) BUT.. WHY I DO IT? It helps me wake up. I like to do it. If my first thing in the morning would be writing articles, making videos, etc.. I would’t wake up 06:00 a morning with such energy. Plus gaming will give me better vision and multi tasking ability(at least that’s what this Dr. said 🙂 )
  • Eating! Damn! That’s slow but powerful. From time and time again. My mind has tricked me several times. I am thinking a lot. My head is always ON and with 1000%. My head is telling me I need more energy and there have been times when I start to believe it and I am going to crab that chocolate bar and then… afterwards I am low on energy… tired, etc. But. a good NO… is turned out to be more energizing for me. (For now I am also trying out vegan diet. I will let you know how I feel after month!)
  • Exercising. I have my own training that I follow. It’s simple and fast, but not easy! Again… I have been in the point where my mind is telling me…”Hey, you are tired, because you have been exercising.” BUT.. If I am not exercising… I feel more tired and I am tired for longer time period. So definitely I suggest you to at least something.
  • Think like someone is filming you! – what if someone was filming you when you work in your home office. And they would show that tape to the others. How would you feel? Make sure.. that you would feel proud.
  • Remember when I first talked about this habit.. doing things “when you feel like it”?… You have to get rid of that mindset. This will literally ruin your business. You can’t afford that kind of mindset. You need “WHAT EVER IT TAKES” mindset. (To learn that -> follow Grant Cardone. I recommend you to watch What ever it takes Job interview from Grant Cardone – GRAZYY!). I have developed ACT NOW attitude. I will take care business NOW!

Sometime we have things we just can’t do RIGHT NOW, but what we can do.. we can DECIDE NOW, when and how we are doing these things. It takes time for your mind to learn this new way of thinking and doing, but it is the most important part of your business.

PS! REMEMBER!!! -> There is no bad business – only a BAD BUSINESSMAN(WOMAN)!


When I have read articles similar to this one… I find people talking about planning, organizing your desk, etc… That’s really funny to me. If you make money.. your desk is messy and if not.. your desk is clean and organized. You are the proof. You know if you make any money and you know what your desk looks like. And remember.. there’s a difference between messy and dirty. Don’t be the dirty one.


Everybody who work from home are facing problems.. You are not the only one. And also.. this article is not perfect. Nothing is. Even life isn’t perfect.. so stop bitching and start doing. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to have high standards.

Do these things to be more productive:

  1. Start your day with something you love to do – so you would jump out of bed
  2. Have the best possible diet you can have (I mean don’t spend too much time and money on your food)
  3. Exercise. Not for short term energy, but for long term energy(months).
  4. Think like you are being filmed every day. You don’t want to make a bad movie of yourself. Be a great model for others.
  5. ACT NOW attitude. Do things NOW and decide NOW when you do certain things. (Keep this mindset “I do things when I feel like it” away!)

That’s it for this post! I want you to know.. that I believe in you! I believe in your potential. You can always prove me wrong… but it takes only one time to prove me right. Try it!

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below! Thank you and I wish you all the best!

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