How I made 300€ with 60€-s? BitCoin?

Hey Guys!

Today I am going to talk about how I made 300€ with 60€-s!

What I am going to talk about:

  • What I did/bought with 60€
  • How I did it
  • Why it is worth 300€
  • Conclusion

I saw people speaking about one company all the time. This company has a product that I bought in BitCoins. As a result I understood that after ~140 working days I will get my BitCoins back with ~40% extra. I liked the idea so I wrote to one of my friends who had BitCoins and I asked him to transfer the amount to the comapny and gave him the money for BitCoins. (I used my friend because I crypto exchanges can take extra time.)
So I bought this company’s product -> USI!

I don`t have to trade or mine with my computer.. I don`t have to do any of these technical stuff. Every working day 0.6% – 1.0% BitCoins is added to my account. So it was all I did.

The way I understand this company is that they will add more BitCoins to my account as long as  have received 140%. It means if the company is not able to provide me 1.00% per working day and only gives me 0.75% per working day then I don’t have to worry much. It just takes more time. And in the long run.. BitCoin`s price is also going up. I know that when this product matures then I have 0.02296 BTC. BitCoin’s price has gone up and down.. so my BTC has been worth even 367€, but today it is only 268€! I am compounding more, so I don’t stop here.


I decided that my strategy with crypto is Buy and Hold BitCoin. I decided that before I learned about this company. But this company improves my strategy. Because.. if today I have 1 BitCoin and my strategy is Buy and Hold.. then 5 years later I still have 1 BitCoin. And it is also great because there is a chance that BitCoin’s price will be higher than today. (Some even say it may go up to 1 million dollars. I would love to see that!) But with this company if everything works good.. with 1.5 years I can have 5 more BitCoins so it means I would have 6 BitCoins.

I Buy and Hold anyway.. why not to increase the amount of BitCoins I am holding. Ofcourse the results are not typical… and everything is risky. That is just the risk I am willing to take. If this comapny bought $70 million worth of crypto mning equipment.. then I would say they are here for the long term. If they take $70 million risk I can take a few thousand 😀

If you also are thinking about Buy and Hold BitCoin and would love to increase the amount BitCoins over the time… START HERE => USI

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