Future of BitCoin

Hey Guys!

Today I am going to talk about BitCoin and it`s future! BitCoin is the biggest cryptocurrency in the world today.. so it is important to know.. where BitCoin is going!

I am no expert in cryptocurrencys, but over the years I have kept my eye on crypto.

When we talk about the crypto future I am not talking about the BlockChain. Everybody allready know that BlockCahin has a big future and many companies are allready working on those projects.

What I am talking about is the future of BitCoin – a cryptocurrency.

Many experts are saying that BitCoin’s price will go higher in the future – and I agree!

If we would look every cryptocurrency as a salesman who works for a whole cryptoworld.. then I am bretty sure that BitCoin is the one who is bringing the most people into the cryptoworld.

Because BitCoin has history. If everybody would stop talking about BitCoin and started to talk about Ethereum for example.. then people who have never heard of cryptocurrency and land on some page, blog, video about BitCoin.. they would be very confused. Because now everybody is talking about Ethereum.

Who knows what is selling also knows, that second look is more important than first look. More times people hear about you the better. With BitCoin the promoters of crypto have that advantage. BitCoin miners have that advantage, etc.

BitCoin has a brand name so it is just stupid to start something new from zero or to just forget about BitCoin.

BitCoin has miners who have invested hundreds of millions into mining BitCoin. I would rather be on the same boat with these investors.

Is BitCoin going to be THE crypto we use for everyday transfers. Probably not. But for store of value? Probably yes.

Today it may seem some of us.. that this cryptoboom is cooling allready, but no! Even the internet took time to really show us the potential it had. It will take time with crypto also.

I must say that I am not a trader. I don`t have time for trading. My strategy is Buy and Hold. (I bought when BTC was $4k and I am glad I made that decision)

In my opinion.. every new crypto will mess up the market. It means the marketi is going to be more and more complicated.. so it is easier for everyone to stick with BitCoin.

I believe that the BTC price is going to go higher and higher.. so I am still holding onto BitCoins.

Let me know in the comments what is your strategy!

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