FREE vs $100 START – Does It Make a Difference (6/6)

STARTING AFFILIATE MARKETING FREE VS $100 How to start business from home

This is the final post of the series “Start Business From Home“!

In this post we are talking about the bigger picture of the business and if how we start matters anything!


Starting a BUSINESS a without any investment is really really dumb. But… if you don`t have that cash.. what can you do!

The FIRST thing you shold do is find a 9-to-5 or 95h job! Find what ever you need to get the business of the ground!

I have started projects without cashflow and with fixed amount of money! My final decision is that when example I have 2 variants to start a business:

  1. With $1000 capital or
  2. $200 / month cashflow

I would choose the second one! I would rather start a business with $200 month cashflow! There is going to be a learning curve anyway.. I don`t want to be able to spend my money when I am still stupid!

When You are that kind of person, who just won`t go to the 9-to-5 job…

Well there are free platfroms like Blogger. wealthy Affiliate also has a FREE membership that gives you opportunity to builed 2 FREE websites!

Where`s the catch Starting Business From Home

Catch is in your domain! So what is going to be the difference?

Paid domain:


FREE domains:

If you use Blogspot:


If you use Wealthy Affiliate:


Differences between these 2:

  • Wealthy Affiliate gives you FREE coaching
  • My support
  • If you decide that you want to your website on a paid domain, then you can do it in minutes. You don`t have to transfer over anythin!

What can I do, when

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