Competition In Network Marketing

Hey guys! Today I am bringing you something not so much related to investing.. especially money investing.. BUT it is related to investing your TIME!

Today I am going to talk about Network Marketing and Competition in it. Why I am doing that is because.. I have been active in network marketing myself.. an as I am not so active in it these days.. I am still observing the industry.. different teams.. companies.. etc.

Network Marketing taught me a lot.. but since I started my own company I have had to re-learn some of the things.. I learned in networ marketing.

Today I will give you a tip.. that will help you get better results in your network marketing career.

Here it is!

Competition is much higher in network marketing as it is between non-network marketing companies

Let me explain…

Let’s say taht you are in health related network marketing company.. and I am also in the same comapny.. Now.. If 1 customer decides to buy on product from you and he signs up with you.. then he has a spot and usually they are not allowed to move their position next day.. Every company has different rules about that..

Anyway.. as a result.. this customer will be yours for a as long as he is with that company…

Now let’s look at another example let’s say the You and I both have a nutritional supplements company..

First month you get a customer.. and lose that same customer.. that’s entrepreneurship.. but.. I still have the opportunity to fight for that customer next month.. I can work on a better deal.. I can do something for him that you are not willing to do.. And for most part.. it’s very likely that I will “win” that customer over..

…and you can do the same the next month

In network marketing you can’t do that.. if the customer or a marketer is with someone allready.. they are permanent.. until the stop..

The companys that I have been with.. there was this logic.. that if the others are doing good.. I am doing good..

It’s only true if we are there to support the leaders.. but if we are there to make money.. well.. then it’s not that great..

You have to fight for the market.. often times in network marketing it’s not about quality it’s about timing. There’s nothing wrong about that.. but just don’t approach with a wrong mindset..

Prepare for it.. and use it when you are thinking about your strategy. Business is about making money everything else is a bonus..

I hope that this post helped you at least a little bit.. I wish you a great success.. and many profitable investments.

Take care


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