Cash – what to do with it?

HOLD IT! Yes,, that’s right! Hold your cash! There are plenty of places where to put your money to “grow”, but there are few places that can actually GROW your money for you..

Learning about investors.. about the big ones and about the smaller ones.. I have started to notice a distinction between those two groups..

One group always talks about inflation and the other group dosen’t!

Smaller investors = multimillionaires, always talk about inflation.. usually they are also promoting some kind of investment offer… And it makes sense.. you talk people about inflation so that they feel the rush to invest their money with you, makes sense..

…or there are just “speakers” how “teach” about investing… and are talking about inflation,, because that is something mass media is talking about and you are very likely agree with them!

At the same time.. billionaires are not afraid to keep cash! And they have billions in cash.. they are the ones who should be worried the most! But they are not.. because they know how valuable cash can be at the right moment.. it gives you freedom..

If Patrick Bet David was interviewing Mark Cuban and asked him.. does it feel different to be a billionaire.. and Mark answered that it dosen’t, but there are endless opportunities now..

“Cash Combined with courage in a time of crisis is priceless” – Warren Buffet
I must say that don’t keep all your money in cash.. and don’t keep all your money in investments.. Keep these two apart. Benjamin Graham is very clear about that INTELLIGENT INVESTOR is DICIPLINED!

If you are not disciplined.. then save yourself from you.. and SAVE money! Until you are saving.. train your discipline with something (workout, diet, etc).

I hope that I was able to give you some value!

Be Smart & Be Wealthy

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