Attack Plan For 2018

Is`s a new year and that means You have got a new opportunity to prove yourself! There are a lot of successful people who don’t believe in new years resolutions and I agree with them! But I believe in cycles!

When we changed schools when we were young we felt what it means to start with something new. We also feel something like that when we change jobs. We also experience this with every new year. So let’s make the NEW CYCLE SUCCESSFUL!

Where to START?

You start by writing down most of the things you remember you did in your last year! Take a sheet of paper(you can do it in your computer also) and write on it:”Things I did in 2017″! Then you confront yourself! You actually see what you did and what you didn’t do! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Why is this task important:

  • It will help you see the big picture of the previous year. You already have a small picture of the last year. So know you have a perfect piece. You experienced the last year by living through 365 days. It was beautiful, it was messy, it was sad, it was happy! Looking the big picture again will give you the experience you need to plan your new year so that you will actually make more things happen in this new year!
  • Confront yourself – I am sure that a lot of things you planned to do last year are still not done. You ain’t superman! You are just a man! And men need to work their ass of to achieve greatness. That’s why it’s called GREATNESS! Still think big, but be more skeptical about yourself!
  • You Accept it – you may have some messy emotions regarding last year. This task helps you to accept these 12 months. Last 12 months are your creation. They show what you are capable of. 2017 is not showing your potential. It is only showing what you have decided to do. You may have a lot more potential than that and you probably have. Accept 2017. Accept all the experiences. Let these experiences upgrade you and continue your journey as a stronger person!

What to do now with 2018?

Start by building a desire! Make a list of the things you would like to buy yourself in 2018 the more detailed it is the better it is, And yes it can be a LONG list! If you are going through the year you can check the things you have already bought. It helps you to hold your focus on the entire year. Usually many people live in this 14 day area. They think 7 days ahead and they think about the things that happened in the last 7 days. And one moment they discover that the year is ending.

It also gives you desire. Everybody want’s to be productive if it helps them to upgrade their life.

At first, I would suggest you to plan all the things that are more stable than others. For example. if you have a job.. Start with a job. What are your goals regarding with job. Do you want a raise? Do you want to leave your job? What ever it is. Be clear. And then find the things you can do at your job every day to accomplish that goal. If you’re planning to quit your job then what you can do is be better at it until you work there. Make as much money as possible.

Why we start with the more stable things with you life is that there is the reason why they are more stable than others. You are putting more time into them. If you can improve the things that you do the most. you will experience some massive changes in you life.

Example: Adult in United States watches 5h and 4m of television every day on average. It’s approximately 1849h in a year. If this adult would decide that for every hour he or she watches a TV he would read one page from the book as he/she is sitting in front of the television. It would mean that this person is reading 1849 pages of book in a year. Average book is ~250 pages -calculations-> it’s 7 books a year. If these would be business books, it would be possible, that this person 5 years later is earning more money and is living better life.

So first things we want to do is to improve the things we are working on mostly in our lives. Of course the example about TV is just an example. I would recommend to change this habit to another one.

Planning something new! How?

I have made the many mistakes while planning my new year. We always want to fill our year plans with NEW things. It’s wrong. We have to work on something we already have in our lives. Grant Cardone talks about the same thing. Improve the things you already have. That’s why I talked about starting with the things that are more constant in your life.

Now! If you want to see the results faster you have to be specific and don’t bring many new things into your life. If you think back to 2017 do you remember that most of the year of 2017 you were always looking for something to do, because you were so bored? Course not. What ever things kept you busy, are back this year.

Don’t fight blind. Be smart about your year. If you think about a computer for example. Then we all know that every computer have some settings we configure once in a while. There are some settings we configure once in a year and some we change them more often. The point is. That most of the time you are USING your computer, not configuring the settings. If you have 10 new projects in your life. than you will spend most of your free time configuring your life settings or looking for other activities because you are tired of doing things that don’t bring results (like always working on things to be able to work on something) or you are just confused and tired all the time.

Give everything in your life a meaning. If you have a job, give it a meaning. For example. The job is in your life. So you would have resources that would let you to work on your goals. If your goals are messy there is no meaning and then there is no power in you to use.

We don’t see Microsoft abandon their operating system side of business. But what we see them do. We see that they are upgrading it every once in a while.


Take one thing into your life that you want to accomplish and won’t worry that you won’t get all the things you want! Go after all the thing one at the time!

There is no point for me to be more specific about your goals right now. You know what you want to and you have to have some sort of help for achieving it(mentors, YouTube videos, coaching programs, etc)

I wish you the best year ever! I hope to see as many people as possible changing their lives this year!

Go Get Your GOALS!!!

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