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How It All Began

My story began more than 10 years ago. I remember those first AHAA moments, when I understood, that it would be very clever to google “How to make money and “How To Make Money Online”! We have all been there right? I have studied many people who have started at the same point and have figured it out. My journey has been “interesting” 😀
I was living with my parents when I first googeld THE KEYWORD! My dream has always been to make a lot of money. When I was a you boy, I somehow know that making a lot of money is good thing. I guess it`s because I have seen my parent not making so much money. That gave me opportunity to experience low class lifestyle. When I started to understand money more and more then my goal was to get away from home and start my own life! I really wanted FREEDOM! But.. Google didn`t gave me a solution I was looking for, but it actually gave me one good thing. Thanks to Googling I understood, that it is possible to make money online I just didn`t yet know how! It opened a whole new world to me.

Stating Point

I wasn`t born in a english speaking country, but in our country, in schools we are starting to study english in a third grade allready. I still wasn`t good enough in english.
There was a time when I stopped Googling about how to make money and continued with my life. I was helping my parents with our family business. I also went to university. My focus was not to study there, but to make new contacts and be avaible for opportunitites. At that time I had started Googling about How to make money online for 10 times and these. Every time I Googled about this specific interest it turned out to be like 1 to 2 month period of researching.
I went to university for 6 months, because that was all I needed for new contacts and some kind of opportunity. At that time I started in network marketing. It took some time for me to start. I was working on my own business plan and was researching about this MLM or Network Marketing company. I resarched about this Network Marketing company about 6 months and then made my decision. It cost 2500€ to start. I had to borrow that money from my parents. We wasn`t a rich family, so it wasn`t easy for us. I remember what my mother said when I managed to sell my dad the idea why he had to give me that money. My mom said:”If you were able to sell our dad, why he has to give you 2500€, then you will be good at selling!” Nobody in our family couldn`t believe that I was able to get that money from my dad. I just believed so much in my self and I still do!
Now that I had the money I rushed back to the city to activate my account! I thought that now I have everything I need to succeed in this business… and I was so dumb!

IIC Principle:
Never think that any outside component will help you achieve your goals. They do help, but if you think about them so much, your focus is not where it should be. Instead always think that I must be prepared. Prepared with skills, knowledge, plan, etc. 

Well I got the money and I activated my account, now I started to work. I started MLM in the old way. 1 on 1 meetings, 2 on 1 meetings, local meetings, etc. It teached me A LOT! I would never change that experience with anything.
In my first 6 months I only made 100€, but I worked like crazy. I did calculations that showed me that I was making 0.04€/hour. 😀 😀 😀 I was so full of ego that I started my business and I didn`t even consider going to a day job.  Looking back I should have gone to a day job! Income stream is a very useful for every business. I really needed it. I really love what Grant Cardone is teaching and I am a big believer in what he does and how he does it.

We use the same 3 principles to start,as Grant Cardone is suggesting.
3 principles:
1) Generate income (It has to be everybodys first focus. if you have an income, good. If you had an income, then work fast to get a new one.)

2) Invest in yourself (You can only come to this far if you really have some sort of income. The point is to increase your income, by investing into yourself. The only way you can earn more is to become more. Same happens in gym and anywhere else we want to grow.)

3) Save 100 000€/$ (The point is to save atleast 100k so you can invest into new income streams. My first thought when Grant told this was:” Grant we are making 12 000€/ year, how the hell are we going to save 100k. It will take forever. But then I thought that countries are made up by people so why I am considering my self as a citizen of a one country but not a citizen of this world. There are peolpe in THIS WORLD that make 100k a month, why should it be impossible to save only one! I consider my self as a citizen of the world, so it`s possible to me, to save 100k and you can too.)

I have been in Network Marketing ~4 years. I haven`t been the best or the biggest. I have build my teams in more than one company. My total sales in all companies are over 500 000€! I have been also building my own business and investing into other businesses to increase my cashflow.


I want to help you to not make these mistakes that I made. There are some good opportunities that help us to generate that second or third income stream, but there are also many not so good ones. I have lost some of my money and I have made new money. I am more aware of what and why to look for in different companies.
I believe that money is just a way we can save energy to use it later for something else. I want to help you to experience more choices and more freedom in your life. I am big beliver in being productive and I believe that if you are able to have more choices and more freedom in your life that you are also able to know yourself more and max your potential in your life.


The goal of Intelligent Investors Community is to give you up to date infomration about different opportunities and how to attack them the most efficient way possible!
I am also a book reader. I read a book a week, so I will post some thoughts about different books I read!
I follow people like Grant cardone, Patrick Bet David(Valuetainment), Kevin Harrington and Tim Grover mostly! I will share latest thoughts that are related to them, My Mentors!

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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