3 Tips To Stay Productive

Productivity shows how effective you are! Being more effective dosen’t just mean that you accomplish your goals sooner it can actually determine if you achieve that goal at all. And the reason is that life dosen’t have a ON and OFF switch. Life is moving all the time. Too many gaps between can steal your focus.

Why we need to be productive?

To experience more! Life is not about getting. It’s about experiencing. Let’s say that if you work 5 years for your first Ferrari and then you get one. I am 90% sure that if you are with your friends and you are telling stories. Then most of the time you are sharing stories about situations that happened during those 5 years not about Ferrari. In the beginning you definitely are talking about it, but later on. Stories are going to win.

And think about it. You don’t want to earn a million with lotto and then be in a situation where you don’t have any hustle stories. Be productive so you can be more and do more. It will give you more stories. Buy things for the experience. And do things for the experience. Be alive! Achieve!

3 Tips To Stay Productive

It’s very useful to use tips and tricks to improve your DMO – Daily Method of Operation!

TIP #1 – Do few things

Do as few things as possible. Our focus is to put more energy towards fewer goals and to see results. Results are the batteries we need to keep going forward.

The other reason for doing few things, is that you will get to used to with these activities. If you always to new things then yes in some point you feel good. You always experience something new and it’s fun. But then your motivation is gone. Because you are a weak person at this point. It’s hard to stay with one thing, but it’s worth it. Many important things need consistent attention. If you haven’t trained your mind to be able to do something like this. You will break.

If you are more experienced with doing few things only then you can start to do more and more things.

TIP #2 – Avoid “Cleaning Days”

When I was young then my mother and grandmother used to have these “Cleaning days”. They spent the whole day to clean the whole house. Don’t do something like that. It sounds right. But it isn’t. Some people only have a 1 free day.. they can’t spend it on cleaning. I would rather improve my skills that help me KEEP my house clean rather than making one big effort. You need a system not to be a worker in your own home spending hours to have a clean house.

Other important reason is that in life you actually won’t get anything done in life with only one time. We have to be consistent. And we have to be able to be consistent. “Cleaning days” in my opinion will start also a cool down effect. After a short burst you want to cool down. I know many people(including me) who have hard time getting back to work after some sort of vacation. It is easier to me to just keep going rather than “oh I take 3 days off and then I am going to rock the world”! I need to stay in game all the time! If you have a great system even for cleaning your house, you will never need a “cleaning day”!

Be consistent with your business and with your self development! You will get more done.


What ever you want to do – just test it! If you are thinking about waking up 1 hour earlier – don’t decide that you are going to wake up 1h earlier every day for the rest of your life. Just test it. Test how it feels.

You also have to understand that doing something is quick, but it takes time to calibrate! And to calibrate you need many tests! It is okey if it dosen’t work the first time. Just try new things until you achieve what ever you wanted to achieve.

What ever you want to get done just take into account that you need to test and calibrate. You are not a ONE SHOT guy/gal! If you need to do a business presentation in 14 days. Then think for 4 days and test and calibrate another 9 days! It is important to calibrate. That’s how you make things happen. For example.. if you know something about cars then think about the first time you started driving a car and then think about Ken Block(if you don’t know who he is, then Google him and look him up on YouYube). Ken Block is a more calibrated human being driving a car. That’s all. There is no talent. The same goes with all the achievements in our lives.

Don’t rely on one shot rather rely on 1000.. shots! TEST and CALIBRATE and you will master almost anything you want.

I hope that this information is providing value to you! Feel free to give me your thoughts on this. Thank you!

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